Spicy Salmon Burgers with Lemon Chive Mayonnaise

Growing up in a Catholic Household, we ate a lot of tuna fish sandwiches and fish sticks. It was always a welcome treat to visit my Aunt, who would change things up a bit with her Salmon Patties. When I began serving Salmon Patties in my kitchen, it was usually with a good Newburg Sauce. Still, the salmon patties were formed from canned salmon.

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Salmon Patties with a Newburg Sauce

As a kid, I remember my Tita (that’s Aunt) often made Salmon Patties on Fridays. Unlike mine, hers were served like a burger and were very delicious. One of my favorite things about visiting my Tita (besides hanging out with all my cousins) was having Salmon Patties for lunch. Let me tell you, her Salmon Patties beat the heck out of Mom’s Friday Fish Sticks!

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