The Guiding Light of Saint Lucia

In many parts of the world, especially Sweden, Norway and the Swedish-speaking parts of Finland, the Festival of Lights and Saint Lucia’s Feast Day mark the beginning of the Christmas Season. Saint Lucia is among the earliest Christian Martyrs. Her Feast Day honors her death at the hand of the Romans on December 13, 304.

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Soup It Forward One More Time

In 2009 Calgarian Sharon Hapton, with a simple belief in the power of soup, founded Soup Sisters, a non-profit charitable social enterprise that provides comfort to women and children through soup. Since its inception, over 2 million servings of soup have been delivered to shelters all across the country.

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Crab Bisque Made Simple

I have always been a fan of Bisque anything – crab, lobster, tomato.  It’s another of those wonderful French things with lots of cream.  A while back I came across a recipe for Crab Bisque on William Sonoma’s website (another of my favorite things – William Sonoma anything!)  I’ve had the recipe for a while now, but every time I read it, it seemed like a lot of work to obtain a pound or so of crab meat.  Yeah, I know, good food isn’t fast food.  The soup itself didn’t cook long, which struck me as odd.  I thought about my family, and what their particular tastes are – I know what works and what will get a turned up nose.  So I decided to do a little tweaking, and the results were wonderful! My non-fish eater ate it gladly and my beloved husband had seconds!  Yay!  So tonight I’ve decided to post both recipes – take your pick.

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