Savor the Flavor of Tennessee

Today we celebrate Tennessee, the Volunteer State. What an awesome nickname – Volunteer State. People who volunteer are people who are willing to make personal sacrifice for others. Tennessee has stepped up to that plate time and time again, and that’s a history they should be proud of.

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Can You Guess What Day It Is?

On this day, we celebrate The Sunflower State, better known as Kansas. The vast plains of Kansas became a part of the United States territory with the Louisiana Purchase of 1803. This would forever change the lives of the Cherokee, Osage, Pawnee and other tribes as expansion pushed westward.

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Louisiana Slow-Cooker Baby Back Ribs

The best part about living in Central California in October is the weather. The days are pleasant and there are street fairs everywhere. Take a drive up through the foothills, look at the colors of the trees and attend a dozen little small town events in a single weekend.

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It’s Baby Back Rib Day!

Is today National Baby Back Rib Day? Who knows! I’ve seen the date as yesterday, September 2nd, while most listings claim that September 3rd is the actual dates. Personally, I don’t care so long as I get to eat some ribs. Any day we enjoy ribs is National Rib Day in my book.

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