Louisiana Slow-Cooker Baby Back Ribs

The best part about living in Central California in October is the weather. The days are pleasant and there are street fairs everywhere. Take a drive up through the foothills, look at the colors of the trees and attend a dozen little small town events in a single weekend.

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It’s Baby Back Rib Day!

Is today National Baby Back Rib Day? Who knows! I’ve seen the date as yesterday, September 2nd, while most listings claim that September 3rd is the actual dates. Personally, I don’t care so long as I get to eat some ribs. Any day we enjoy ribs is National Rib Day in my book.

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Slow-Braised Ribs with Cilantro Orange Barbecue Sauce

I have got to tell you, I am not sure which I liked better, the rub on the ribs or the barbecue sauce. Both are excellent. Both have that sunshine citrus flavor. Finger-licking good. Oh yeah!

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It’s National Have a Coke Day

Today is National Have a Coke Day. You know me, I like to bend the rules just a little. It’s hard to “have a coke” when you don’t drink soda. Once in a blue moon, I might have a Pepsi, or a root beer with a slice of pizza, but this isn’t National Drink a Soft Drink Day, it’s Have a Coke. Did you know that a man by the name John Pemberton invented Coca-Cola at Pemberton’s Eagle Drug and Chemical House in Columbus, Georgia? It was intended to be a patented medicine of some sort. However; a businessman named Asa Griggs Candler dominated the world of soft-drinks by marketing Coca-Cola as a soft drink rather than a medicine. Makes you wonder how many other medications out there might serve us better with a shot of bourbon and a twist of lime.

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Spice Rub Baby Back Ribs with Golden Eagle Barbecue Sauce

I don’t know how things are where you call home, but here in the San Joaquin Valley we are basking in wonderful spring weather. April’s beautiful liquid sunshine, wet in the morning, but by afternoon it’s perfect for getting outdoors. This is hiking weather, or for taking long drives in the country. Best of all the afternoons are made for backyard barbecues. Hubby had been eyeing the country ribs for a while, waiting for the rains to subside and the days to warm. Guess everyone else in the neighborhood had the same longing because when we finally decided to pick up a few pounds of meaty country ribs, the pickings were slim. However, the pork baby backs were looking pretty good. Switching gears just a bit, we picked up a couple of nice racks.

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Barbecue Baby Back Pork Ribs right from your Crock Pot

Let’s start by saying that ribs cooked in a crock pot means two things – meat so tender it is falling off the bone, and getting your barbecue fix regardless of the weather outside.

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Smoked Baby-Back Pork Ribs with a Spicy Dry-Rub

Although Labor Day is behind us, and the unofficial end of summer is fading away, Hubby’s still anxious to get outside and grill. He’s not yet ready to hang up his grilling tools. I can tell because he lingers at the meat counter, inspecting the thick boneless country ribs, tri-tip roasts and baby-back ribs. If grilling requires attention, such as a good smoke, that’s definitely reserved for summertime. There’s nothing better than to sit outdoors, tend to the grill and enjoy a cool beverage.

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