San Francisco Kobe Melts

I love the City by the Bay. I miss the city that stole my heart so long ago. While I am very much a card-caring Republican Conservative, that hippie teen is still a part of me. And that part of me will forever love San Francisco.

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Diner-Style Sourdough Bacon Burgers

Have you ever had your mouth all set for something you know to be yummy, only to have everything that could go wrong do just that? We like to spend time exploring the small towns up and down Highway 49, so named after the miners that struck gold back in 1849 in what is now know as “The Mother Lode”.  One of my favorite towns to visit is Jackson. I love the historic hotel at the end of main street. I love the nearby Rosebud Cafe with all sorts of fresh creations from their garden. You get what you pay for, and Rosebud’s isn’t cheap – but man is it good!

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