South of the Border Inspiration

Today is Nation Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day. While kiddo and I are big fans of Pastrami, Hubby not so much. Besides, today is Friday. And we all know that meat of any kind is generally not something us Old School Catholics have on a Friday night.

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Yummy Baked Quesadilla Triangles

It’s Tuesday – and for some that means Taco Tuesday. According to Wikipedia, Taco Tuesday is an American custom of going out to eat tacos. Seems restaurants offer special deals on their Tacos much the same way bars have Happy Hour. Taco Tuesday, according to Wikipedia, is especially popular in the beach cities of Southern California with Fish Taco Specials every Tuesday night.

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Gotta Love Quesadillas – Olé!

So yesterday was Quesadilla Day. These delicious Chicken Quesadillas were my first choice to share. But yesterday was also Lobster Day. I simply could not pass up Lobster Quesadillas. Could you?

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