A Spicy White Bean Vegetable Soup to bring Warmth and Comfort

Are you a fan of soups? We love soups in the winter. Soups for lunch. Soups to start a fantastic supper. Soups for dinner. Some soups are light and refreshing. Other soups are so packed with ingredients they leave you wanting nothing more.

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Rich Avocado Tortilla Soup

I’ve mentioned this before, I am racking my brain to come up with a six-course supper that will please my entire extended family. That’s not easy. I had thought it might be fun to create an All-American Six-Course Supper. Here’s another thought – what about All-Americas – as in South America, Central America and North America?

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Beefy Nacho Supreme Soup

We love Nachos in this house. Chicken nachos, steak nachos, spicy chorizo nachos or raunchy movie-theater style canned cheese poured over chips nacho. Hey, what’s not to love about nachos, right?

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