Cheesy Baked Tortellini Casserole

This wonderful recipe was inspired by my  blogger-friend Jan over at Mommermon, who received her inspiration from no.2 pencil. Giving credit where credit is due; I have included links to both sites below.

Jan’s Kitchen

Number-2 Pencil

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Saucy Chicken Bake with Vegetables

When it came time to “categorize” this recipe, I was really torn. It’s not American, but sort of. It’s not Italian, but sort of. The only thing I knew with any certainty was that one  category was Chicken. All that was required was one scrumptious bite and all doubt flew out the window – the Italian influence screamed loud and clear. If they don’t bake chicken like this in Italy, they should! With a side of butter pasta, it would be awesome. (Hind sight twenty-twenty and all – next time a little spaghetti or penne pasta is definitely part of the presentation).

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