Crab Rangoon with Spicy Ginger Dipping Sauce

Today is National Chinese Take Out Day. Personally, I’d rather have Chinese food in a Chinese Restaurant, preferably one in China Town in San Francisco, than from those cardboard take out containers. Or make it myself. That’s not to say Chinese Take Out is a bad idea. It’s just that by the time you place your order and get it home, the food has lost it’s freshness. Most food is just better going straight from the kitchen to your tummy.

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Crab Empanadas with Remoulade Sauce

Greeting one and all! How are you on this fine day, the 29th day in the Lenten Season? As promised, I have for you another delicious recipe void of pork, beef or chicken. The pretty much leaves us with ingredients grown from the ground or swimming in the waters somewhere.

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