Good Morning Country Apple Sausage Patties

Labor day is nearly upon us. For some people, it means a three-day weekend. For us, it’s a real two-day weekend since my guys work Saturday. But that means two days of sleeping in and sitting down to a real breakfast together.

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Bratwurst – for Breakfast?

When I bought a package of Johnsonville Bratwurst Grillers at the outlet market earlier in the week, Hubby gave me a look. Really? Bratwurst – for breakfast? I could tell he thought I was a little nuts. Hey, I argued – do you want me cooking up some kind of sausage other than Bratwurst on Saturday? Packers – playoffs. Hubby agreed, we shouldn’t be taking any chances.

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Quail Eggs and Country Sausage on an English Muffin

Have you ever wanted something but you didn’t know what? I wanted breakfast, but nothing too heavy. Something not too filling, but more than a quick bowl of cereal. Something that wasn’t going to turn my kitchen up-side-down. Something easy and cook friendly.

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The Breakfast of Football Fans

For those of you who have been following along, you know that my darling Hubby is a die-hard Packer fan. From now until the end of the season, if Green Bay is on the field, there’s a big hunk of foam cheese on his head and a Packer jersey on his back. There is also a lot of yelling, some with joy others colorful but not worth repeating.

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Perfect Link Sausage Every Time

I don’t know about you, but I love link sausage for breakfast. I would take sausage over bacon any day of the week. I especially love Johnsonville’s Maple Sausage when serving up anything that involves maple syrup – be it waffles, pancakes or my favorite French Toast.

Johnsonville sausageNow I know there are other maple sausages out there. I prefer the blend of spices and maple of Johnsonville’s sausage. Maybe it’s the Vermont Maple Syrup that makes these links taste so much better. All I know is that I love them. They fries up nicely without creating a skillet of grease. Besides, you get what you pay for, right? The cheaper, store brand sausage just seems to contain a higher concentration of pork fat. I could be wrong, but that’s been my own experience when cutting corners in the pocket-book.

The best way to cook sausage perfectly every time is to steam it first. Once the water has evaporated from the skillet, the sausage is cooked and it’s just a matter of browning off the outside.

Perfect Link Sausage
1 Package Link Sausage
Water as needed


Place sausage in a cold, dry skillet over medium heat.


When the skillet is warm, add about a 1/4 cup of water. The water will start to sizzle as the sausage browns.


Cover skillet with a lid that is just a little smaller than the skillet. This forces the steam to concentrate more around the sausage. Cook covered until all the water has evaporated.


Remove lid, roll sausage with a spatula until browned on all sides. Once nicely browned, remove from skillet and serve.

This sausage is perfect with Royal Toast aka French Toast or Golden Malted Waffles for an awesome family breakfast.






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