When a Simple Grilled Cheese Will Not Do

Hands down, today is one of my favorite Food Days. It’s National Cheese Lover’s Day – hooray! While we have no firm evidence of how cheese making was first discovered, legend tells us that it was likely by chance. The first Cheesemaker did not set out to make cheese, but rather discovered it naturally.

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Friday’s Rigatoni al Vino Bianco

Today is National Sock Day. Now you would think, with socks the most sought after item in homeless shelters in the winter, that National Sock Day would be promoting an awareness of this need. How simple, during your Holiday Shopping, just pick up a package of socks and drop them off at a nearby shelter. Such generosity would be effortless.

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Green Chili Four Cheese Enchiladas

Happy Friday! For some of us, that means something – like the end of another grueling work-week. For others, Friday is just another in a long line of endless days. In our house, it means a meatless meal.

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Monterey Spaghetti with French-Fried Onions

Different. That’s how Hubby would describe this meatless Spaghetti Casserole. And that’s Hubby-Speak for “don’t make it again”. On the flip side, Kiddo loved it, nearly finishing off the entire casserole single-handedly.

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Lasagna Alfredo Florentine

It’s Friday. Ever notice how every weekend begins on a Friday Night? That makes Fridays just a little special, don’t you think? Even a Meatless Friday can be something wonderful.

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Celebrate Friday with a Five-Cheese Ziti Bake

Do you realize it’s been over a year since I last shared a recipe utilizing Ziti Pasta? I say that’s too long between recipe.

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Delicious Mushroom Pea Fettuccine

Recently I made what I considered to be a delicious semi-Italian Friday Night supper for my guys. As Hubby and I cleared the dishes, I commented that I really enjoyed the earthy woodsy-nuttiness that the blend of mushrooms, in particular the  Porcini Mushrooms, gave to the dish. Hubby shrugged. I took that as disappointment in my choice for a Catholic Supper.

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Pasta in a Basil Tomato Sauce

The nice thing about a simple pasta in a simple tomato sauce is that is makes for a great Catholic Friday Night Supper or a side with other awesome Italian entrées. (And by entrée, I am referring to the American definition as in the main course or main dish. Why is that, by the way? I mean, why does the same word have different meanings depending upon which continent you happen to be standing on – shouldn’t it mean the same thing in America as it does in Europe?)

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Jefferson’s Macaroni and French Cheese

Thomas Jefferson, the 3rd President of the United States, was born on April 13, 1743. Jefferson served as minister to France, Secretary of State in Washington’s Cabinet and ran for President for the first time in 1796. He was elected Vice President to his opponent, John Adams, due to a major flaw in the Constitution. It seems that back in the early days, the winner of the presidential election became President, the second runner-up Vice President. You can imagine how that opened the door to all sorts of problems.

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Celebrating National Burrito Day

National Burrito Day is one of those moving holidays, much like American’s Thanksgiving. The celebration of all things Burrito is observed annually on the first Thursday of April. The word burritos was a term used in the Guanajuato reason, and it means Little Donkey in Spanish. Some believe that burritos got their name because they look like the bedrolls and packs that were carried on the backs of small donkeys. In other regions of Mexico, a similar rolled tortilla is known as a Flauta. Chimichangas are a type of burrito that has been deep-fried rather than grilled. While no one knows for sure, it’s believed that the Burrito was first introduced in the United States in the 1930’s at the El Cholo Spanish Café in Los Angeles. El Cholo has been in operation since the 1920’s and continues to serve up authentic family recipes.

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Spinach-Ricotta Manicotti

Sometimes my mind works in very strange ways. Take Rome and the Vatican for example. We eat a lot of Italian inspired suppers during Lent because meatless pastas are so darn easy, their seafood dishes are swimming in awesomeness and everything is super delicious. So, is the Vatican in the heart of Rome for the food, or is Italian meatless dishes so doggone good because of all those Catholic Cooks in Italy? I know, it’s a silly thought. The Vatican’s location has nothing to do with the food, but just maybe all those Catholics puttering about in the kitchen has something to do with the food. Just saying . . .

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Meatless Chili in Sourdough Bread Bowls

Good Morning World! Today is one of my favorite days. It’s National Sourdough Bread Day. Keep in mind, to this day one of my most beloved cities to visit is San Francisco. I grew up in the sixties, and San Francisco was the place to be. To this day, I love to go down to the wharf, buy a container of cold crab salad, a loaf of sourdough bread and a bottle of wine, then have a picnic on the beach and watch the seagulls.

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National Ravioli Day, Lent and Cheese Ravioli

Did you know that Radio Flyer established the last Wednesday in March as National Little Red Wagon Day? A day to make memories, to celebrate the power of imagination and for adults to be more child-like. After all, who doesn’t feel like a kid in a Little Red Wagon? The Radio Flyer Wagon has been around since 1917. A vintage Radio Flyer can run you as much as $60.00; while a new one can be had for under $20.00. So if your kids or grand kids has one, tell them it’s an investment and to treat that wagon well.

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Mozzarella in Carozza (Mozzarella in a Carriage)

Yesterday was Ash Wednesday. Beginning today, until the end of the Lenten Season, I will be sharing a recipe that is in keeping with the traditions of old Church teachings, and that was to abstain from meat during Lent.

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