Hello Oregon – Today is Your Day!

Today is National Oregon Day, a day to celebrate the 33rd state to join the union. When most people think of Oregon, they think Pacific Northwest, the Chinook natives of the Columbia River Gorge, and where Lewis and Clark first laid eyes on the Pacific Ocean.

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Emeril’s Rustic Blackberry Cobbler

When traveling, you end up eating in restaurants. Whenever possible, we avoid the big chain establishments, looking for the local Mom and Pop smaller establishments. After all, you can eat at Denny’s anytime. Now there are exceptions – Shari’s is one such exception. For one thing, Shari’s isn’t on every corner. The first time we ate at Shari’s was in Idaho. The food was awesome, the service friendly and the pie selection was amazing. In Oregon, Shari’s are almost as common as Denny’s. At least in the larger towns. Their fruit pies and cobblers are made with whatever is in season. In the summer they serve up a great Blackberry Cobbler.

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