Beautiful Connecticut

Woven into the tapestry of Connecticut’s historical landscape are revolutionaries, innovators and philosophers. Today we celebrate the fifth state to join the newly formed American Union.

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Land of the Midnight Sun

North to Alaska, go north, the rush is on. Way up north. Not only is Alaska the largest state, it is home to the highest mountain peaks in the country. Alaska was dubbed the Last Frontier. In many ways, it still is. Long before the Russians and European explorers found their way to the Arctic land, Alaska was home to indigenous people. Their ancestors continue to carve out a life in the frozen yet beautiful Land of the Midnight Sun.

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My Perfect Steak Supper

June is a special month any way you look at it. We’ve got Father’s Day, and Lord knows I love my pops. There are all those June Weddings. Under normal circumstances, the school year would be ending and the summer fun beginning. And then there’s my birthday, which naturally makes June special to me.

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Westward Ho to Nebraska

Today is National Nebraska Day. The Corn Husker State joined the union on March 1, 1867. Pioneers migrating westward along the Oregon, California and Mormon Trails traveled through the area, marking off recognized landmarks along the way.

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Hello Oregon – Today is Your Day!

Today is National Oregon Day, a day to celebrate the 33rd state to join the union. When most people think of Oregon, they think Pacific Northwest, the Chinook natives of the Columbia River Gorge, and where Lewis and Clark first laid eyes on the Pacific Ocean.

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One-Skillet Ziti Bake with Cucumber Salad and Warm Bread

It’s been a while since I last shared a complete dinner menu. It’s been a while since we last indulged in one of my favorite cuisines – Italian. This one-skillet Pasta dish has been on the weekly menu for a while now, but you know how plans go – by the wayside. Especially during the holidays – last-minute shopping, errands and other distractions such as pot lucks and decorating and on it goes.

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