Calling All Male Cooks

Welcome to the first Thursday of November. If you’ve been around for a while (thanks!), then you know that today is National Men Make Dinner Day. There are only five rules. The biggie is that the men must cook – no barbecuing, grilling or ordering take out is allowed.

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Pizza Pasta Skillet

Who doesn’t like Pizza, besides me. Okay, it’s not that I don’t like pizza. As a kid pizza was a treat. As a teenager, pizza was date night after the game. As an adult for a time pizza was a necessity.

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Amazing Two-Sauce Italian Butterfly Pasta

Welcome to National Pasta Day. Did you know that not only is October 17th a day revered by Pasta Lovers everywhere, but the entire month of October is dedicated to pasta? If you were to eat a different type of pasta for each day of the month, you still wouldn’t have eaten your way through all the pastas out there.

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Italian Sausage with Mini Bells over Pasta

For those of you who have been following along, you know that we are growing San Marzano tomatoes in our garden. When we planted two small plants in our garden in the spring, we knew nothing about these tomatoes, aside from the fact that the whole canned tomatoes are some of the more expensive canned tomatoes on the shelf.

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One-Pot Italian Sausage Creamy Spaghetti

We all love those one-pot wonders, right? When I cooked up this one-pot Italian Sausage Spaghetti, in my mind I was thinking okay, so it’s another spaghetti dinner. Sure, we love spaghetti, but don’t hold the presses for another pot of pasta, if you know what I mean. I liked the idea of everything cooking in my big pot. I liked the idea of warming some bread, tossing a simple salad and sitting down to an effortless supper with my guys.

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Onions, Peppers and Italian Sausage over Linguine

This recipe came from Christina over at It’s a Keeper. She promotes products, (receiving samples and compensation for her endorsement). In the case of this recipe, Christina was promoting a particular brand of sausage. I chose to go with the best deal at the market rather than her recommended brand name. Whatever sausage you use is entirely up to you – just make sure it’s Italian Link Sausages in their casing.

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One-Skillet Ziti Bake with Cucumber Salad and Warm Bread

It’s been a while since I last shared a complete dinner menu. It’s been a while since we last indulged in one of my favorite cuisines – Italian. This one-skillet Pasta dish has been on the weekly menu for a while now, but you know how plans go – by the wayside. Especially during the holidays – last-minute shopping, errands and other distractions such as pot lucks and decorating and on it goes.

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Beautiful Italian Macaroni Bake

While I know Italian food isn’t necessarily pasta, salads and bread, that’s what usually springs to mind when someone says “Italian”. This dish is truly “beautiful” in the sense that it has all those typical “Italian” foods conveniently located inside a single dish. You’ve got your pasta, your bread, and your salad (hey – tomatoes and basil counts).

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Classic Ziti Bake with Italian Sausage

Although a short, tubular pasta, in Italian Ziti also means maiden or a young bride. Ziti literally means “macaroni of the bride”, traditionally served at Southern Italian wedding banquets. Not having a wedding? That’s okay. This Classic Ziti Bake is great for gathering of any kind, and actually travels well provided you have a means of warming it up.

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Spaghetti with a Meaty Ragù

A while back, Kiddo was given a strange gift – a small bottle of top-shelf imported Italian Balsamic Vinegar. I say strange because Balsamic Vinegar is not a typical gift to give a twenty-something guy. Kiddo in turn gave the bottle to me.

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