Baked Rigatoni for the Fifth Sunday in Lent

Today is the 5th Sunday in the Lenten Season. We are reminded that God sees us in our weakened state of imperfection and yet He loves us. “The Lord has done great things for us; we are filled with joy” – Psalm 126

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Friday’s Rigatoni al Vino Bianco

Today is National Sock Day. Now you would think, with socks the most sought after item in homeless shelters in the winter, that National Sock Day would be promoting an awareness of this need. How simple, during your Holiday Shopping, just pick up a package of socks and drop them off at a nearby shelter. Such generosity would be effortless.

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Italian Sausage with Mini Bells over Pasta

For those of you who have been following along, you know that we are growing San Marzano tomatoes in our garden. When we planted two small plants in our garden in the spring, we knew nothing about these tomatoes, aside from the fact that the whole canned tomatoes are some of the more expensive canned tomatoes on the shelf.

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Rigatoni Bolognese with Easy

We all know what a Bolognese is, right? Well, that really depends upon your perspective – be it within the Italian understanding of Bolognese or outside Italy. Believe me, for this dish to wear the title Bolognese we are talking outside Italy – way, way outside!

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Crock Pot Pizza Pasta Get a Heavenly Stamp of Approval

Today Brother Dear would have been 62 years young. Over the years since his surrender to cancer, when I’ve felt that need to draw him near, I’ve cooked up one of his favorites. Sure enough, as the aromas float to the heavens, I feel his spirit smile, filling the room with warmth and joy. But the world moves on, and so must I.

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Company’s Coming? Then It’s Slow-Cooker Pork Ragù

This is a great meal. Not something you throw together in the crock pot on your way out the front door in the morning, it does need a little prep work and some tending toward the end, but still you’ll have plenty of free down time. I love down time – it let’s me clean the kitchen and set the table and do all sorts of domestic things before supper time including selecting a nice bottle of wine.

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No Muss, No Fuss Rigatoni with Meatballs

Of all the types of pasta on the planet – at lease of those we’ve actually tried from the 350 or so in existence – Hubby’s favorite pasta has to be a toss-up between Penne and Rigatoni. If I had to pick between the two, I like Rigatoni for the ridges that seems to help whatever sauce used to cling to the pasta better.

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Rigatoni and Chicken Bake with Artichokes

Did you know that the artichoke, specifically the globe artichoke, is actually the unopened flower bud of a thistle-like plant. These unopened flowers were a passion of Catherine de Medici in fifteenth-century Florence, Italy. Catherine became the wife of Henry II, king of France. King Henry excluded Catherine from the political arena. Upon his death, she became ruler of France through her sons, each of whom she outlived.

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