Alabama On My Mind

Today is National Alabama Day. I love exploring different places, picking up new tidbits and expanding what Hubby refers to as “my useless information” that fills my head. Oh but what fun it is to know a lot about nothing. Just look at what I’ve discovered about Alabama.

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Alabama In the Morning

Good Morning Everyone. Welcome to National Alabama Day. So much of the South seems to get a bad rap these days, especially in the current Cancel Culture mindset. It seems we don’t have to look very far to find something offensive or oppressive or ugly just below the surface.

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Sweet Home Alabama Fried Chicken

Today is National Alabama Day. Alabama, the Heart of Dixie, was the 22nd state to join the union. She was home to the original capital of the Confederacy, Montgomery. Alabama set the stage for secession, and nearly 100 years later, set the stage for the Civil Rights Movement.

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