Ode to Southern Brine Fried Chicken

Decided to share this recipe today rather than tomorrow was a tough choice. Today is Sunday. Sundays and chicken dinners just naturally go together. Chicken dinners and family just naturally go together. Today is all about togetherness. It’s National Family Day, National Friendship Day and National Sisters Day. All great reasons to enjoy Southern Fried Chicken.

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Yum, It’s Fried Chicken Day!

There is a lot of bantering that abound regarding the roots of Southern Fried Chicken. One thing that most agree upon is that frying chicken is Scottish, dating back long before the Highland Clearance of the 1700s. Highland Clearance is exactly what it sounds like – a mass eviction and relocation to the 13 colonies. Most of the Scots and the Irish settled in South Carolina and Virginia. Some came as indentured workers, others as Plantation owners.

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Sweet Home Alabama Fried Chicken

Today is National Alabama Day. Alabama, the Heart of Dixie, was the 22nd state to join the union. She was home to the original capital of the Confederacy, Montgomery. Alabama set the stage for secession, and nearly 100 years later, set the stage for the Civil Rights Movement.

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National Chicken Boy Day and Southern Cooking

As I am checking my “National Date” calendar for any upcoming celebrations to inspire me, I came upon September 1 – National Chicken Boy Day. National what? Okay, this needed further investigation. What the heck is Chicken Boy?

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