Ember Days Classic Coq au Vin

Today is the third and final Ember Days of Summer. Ember Days can be traced back to the early days of the Church in Rome. The argument often heard by Catholics is that Ember Days are based not on faith and scripture but on paganism. That it isn’t “Christian”.

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Sweetly Spicy Apricot Chicken

The Holidays are definitely behind us as I turn more and more to the National Calendar for inspiration. Thanksgiving, cook a turkey. Christmas and Easter, it’s a ham. Even holidays like Labor Day (Picnic fair) and Memorial Day (Barbecue) have their traditions.

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French Inspired Delicious

Depending upon which “National” calendar you subscribe to, today is National Mushroom Day and the second Red Wine Day of the year. It’s also 10 other National Days, but only one of those has anything to do with food. That would be National Cheese Curd Day. I suppose I could have created something with wine and cheese curds and mushrooms – maybe next year.

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Ode to Southern Brine Fried Chicken

Decided to share this recipe today rather than tomorrow was a tough choice. Today is Sunday. Sundays and chicken dinners just naturally go together. Chicken dinners and family just naturally go together. Today is all about togetherness. It’s National Family Day, National Friendship Day and National Sisters Day. All great reasons to enjoy Southern Fried Chicken.

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Holy Thursday Roasted Supper

One of the traditions in our house is to have some sort of roasted meat on Holy Thursday. We aren’t lamb eaters; although I do love Lamb Gyros. Kiddo has to be in the mood for a Lamb Gyro, and Hubby says no way. He’s not really keen on strong flavors.

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Sheet Pan Fried Chicken with Biscuits

Who doesn’t like Chicken and Biscuits? Talk about homey-comfort food! While we didn’t always have mashed potatoes with our fried chicken, you can bet there were biscuits on the table. But then, my Pops made the best biscuits on the planet, hands down.

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Nugget Chicken Cacciatore

This chicken is awesome with a light pasta side, a simple toss salad and warm bread. Pour wine into jelly jars, put Dino on the record player and just say oh yeah that’s amore. I love casually elegant Italian suppers. While white wine might seem the logical choice, please think red. A nice Chianti is perfect.

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Louisiana Chicken Quarters with Steamed Rice

When I first saw this recipe, I really liked the presentation. However; I knew I could not cook it up for my family as written. The recipe was made with sliced Okra. My guys do not eat Okra. However; we have a garden full of beautiful, deep green Jalapeno Peppers. You could make yours as originally written, using Okra. Or for just a little extra kick, use Jalapenos instead.

Louisiana Drumsticks

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Chicken Adobo – Crock Pot

Don’t you just love it when dinner is waiting when you get home, and the whole house has filled with the aromas of the meal that awaits you? Okay, so this particular recipe might not be “serving” ready when you get home, but it’s close. You’ll still need to make the rice and let the adobo sauce reduce just a little. But what’s a little longer for the taste buds to get fully primed?

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Chicken Normandy – Ooh La-La!

The beauty of regional foods and a little imagination is that you can be transported to other lands simply by embracing the dining experience. Would you like to fly off to Normandy France? Place Poulet Normandie (Chicken Normandy) on your menu planner. Imagine whole chicken legs braised with onions, apples and brandy or cognac. I promise you, this dish is so unbelievable good – only the strongest of self control will keep you from licking the plates!

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