Cooking Together is an Expression of Love

Hubby and I celebrated 34 years of marriage this month. While we’ve had more romantic anniversaries over the years, this year was by far the most intimate in the truest sense of the word.

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Honoring Saint Bernadette with Chicken Cordon Bleu

Hey There everyone. Happy National Battery Day, Crab Stuffed Flounder Day and National Wine Drinking Day. Also, it’s Presidents Day, so this day is jam-packed with reason to celebrate. As a Catholic, let me also wish you a happy Feast Day of Saint Bernadette Soubirous.

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Forty-Cloves Slow Cooker Garlic Chicken Legs

What can I say – love all those French garlic rich chicken dishes. I adore chicken kissed with wine. I love playing around with new recipes. So here we are; with a new recipe to play with from Eat At Home She has a great take on the Forty-Clove chicken – utilizing legs and cooking everything up in a slow cooker. The only changes I’ve made is to include warm baguettes and create a sauce of sorts using the chicken juices that accumulate in the pot reduced with a little white wine. Let’s face it, just about everything is elevated when wine is added to the dish. This recipe is a blend of her awesome crock pot method and my rendition of French Country Forty-Clove Garlic Chicken.

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Ina Garten’s Roasted Lemon Chicken with French Bread Croutons

As most of you know, Ina Garten is better knows by her Food Network show, The Barefoot Contessa. She regularly invites views, as though old friends, into her beautiful home in the Hamptons for good food and wonderful entertaining. Although not formally educated in the fine art of food techniques, she is as much a household name through her show, magazines and published works as Martha Steward or – dare I say – Julia Child. Who in their right mind would dare to tweak a Ina Garten creation?

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Chicken Normandy – Ooh La-La!

The beauty of regional foods and a little imagination is that you can be transported to other lands simply by embracing the dining experience. Would you like to fly off to Normandy France? Place Poulet Normandie (Chicken Normandy) on your menu planner. Imagine whole chicken legs braised with onions, apples and brandy or cognac. I promise you, this dish is so unbelievable good – only the strongest of self control will keep you from licking the plates!

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Chicken Provencal

provence-france-1A little research revealed the follow about this lovely dish: Chicken Provencal hails from South France – in the Provence region. The basic characteristics of Provencal cuisine are herbs, olives and slow cooking. Naturally, there is much more involved; but those are the basics in a nutshell. One look at the breathtaking charm of the countryside and it’s easy to see why. The use of Thyme, Rosemary, Marjoram and Sage are prevalent in Provencal cooking, as are olives and olive oils. Slow cooking is a must. After all, who would want to be in a hurry here? The countryside invites one to slow down, to savor and live in the beauty of the moment; don’t you think?

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Chicken Breast Tarragon

On a beautiful Sunday, Kiddo and I spend the afternoon in the kitchen together, cooking up a wonderful Chicken dish made with fresh Tarragon, lots of booze and a little arguing.

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Buttery-Lemon Tarragon Chicken

Check out this awesome Buttery Lemon Tarragon Chicken from Melissa’s Southern Style Kitchen. Fresh Tarragon – grilled lemons – moist chicken – what’s not to love? The pan drippings are so flavorful. The lemons roasted in the pan add an incredible zest to the final pan drippings. Fresh Tarragon not only bring color, they also imparts a distinct flavor that is unmistakable.

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Chicken Marengo with Polenta Stars – Oh to Dine like an Emperor

napoleonatmarengoIt is said that Chicken Marengo was created on the battlefield by Napoleon’s Swiss chef, a fellow named Dunand.  Napoleon was of the habit of not eating until the end of a battle, believing that what he ate could affect the outcome of the fight.  Rather than eat anything at all and tempt fate, he went hungry. It seems Napoleon wasn’t alone in this strange habit, others likewise believed that food could somehow change the course of history.

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For the True Garlic Lovers – Awesome Garlic Chicken Thighs

Do you love garlic? I mean really love garlic? If the answer is yes, then oh are you in for a treat. One of my favorite dishes is French Country Forty-Clove Garlic Chicken. Leave it to the French to truly endulge!

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Roast Chicken with Cinnamon and Spice and Everything Nice

This is one of those recipes that had been on my menu planner several times, only to be removed, my head filling with second thoughts and fears. It was inspired by a quaint dish I had read about on Everyday French Chef. While I had yet to try a recipe from that site that I didn’t enjoy, the idea of Chicken with Cinnamon – I’ll admit it – I had my doubts. Finally, after much debate in my head, I decided to plunge forward and go for it. And go for it I did – daring to take the original recipe and go two steps further – doubling the amount of ground cinnamon while adding an entire cinnamon stick to the bird’s cavity.

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French Country Forty-Clove Garlic Chicken

I’m thinking ahead to Sunday . . .

If it’s Sunday, it’s gotta be chicken! Sunday is just around the corner, and already my mouth is watering in anticipation.

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