D-Day – The 6th of June

On this day Seventy-Six years ago; the planned D-Day invasion was launched. I had always thought the “D” meant Do or Die Day. It fits. As it turns out, the “D” in D-Day doesn’t stand for anything in particular, at least not a stand-in for a word. V-E Day is short for Victory in Europe Day; V-J Day means Victory over Japan. But the “D” in D-Day is just a letter.

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Chicken Normandy – Ooh La-La!

The beauty of regional foods and a little imagination is that you can be transported to other lands simply by embracing the dining experience. Would you like to fly off to Normandy France? Place Poulet Normandie (Chicken Normandy) on your menu planner. Imagine whole chicken legs braised with onions, apples and brandy or cognac. I promise you, this dish is so unbelievable good – only the strongest of self control will keep you from licking the plates!

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