D-Day – The 6th of June

On this day Seventy-Six years ago; the planned D-Day invasion was launched. I had always thought the “D” meant Do or Die Day. It fits. As it turns out, the “D” in D-Day doesn’t stand for anything in particular, at least not a stand-in for a word. V-E Day is short for Victory in Europe Day; V-J Day means Victory over Japan. But the “D” in D-Day is just a letter.

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Let the Men Folk Cook!

Today’s National Day comes with its own set of rules. The first Thursday in November is National Men Make Dinner Day. And the first rule of the day is that National Men Make Dinner Day is always celebrated on the first Thursday in November.

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The Colors of Italy are in a Caprese Salad

Recently I plucked my recipe for Grilled Pork and Potato Skewers from the ensemble collection of a six-course supper with an Italian Flare. The original ensemble offered two beautiful menus, and the Grilled Pork was part of the first collection of recipes.

Six-Course Italian Flair
Antipasto: Antipasto Platter
Primo: Simple Linguine with Garlic Butter
Secondo and Contorno: Vesuvio Grilled Pork and Potato Skewers with Pan-Seared Asparagus
Insalata: Caprese Salad (Today’s beautiful feature)
Formaggi e Frutta: Selection of Cheese and Fruits (can we talk?)
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