Let the Men Folk Cook!

Today’s National Day comes with its own set of rules. The first Thursday in November is National Men Make Dinner Day. And the first rule of the day is that National Men Make Dinner Day is always celebrated on the first Thursday in November.

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Steamed New Potatoes with Lemon Zest and Herbs

I know what you are asking – is the title right? Steamed Potatoes with Lemon Zest? Really? Yes, really. I thought the same thing when I first came across this recipe. I was looking for a potato to compliment my Pesto Roast, and this seemed the perfect pairing.

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Not So Traditional Saint Patrick’s Day Supper

Today is the fifth day of the Lenten Season. Saint Patrick’s Day is less than a week away – that magical day when everyone suddenly becomes just a wee-bit Irish. Throughout the country, there will be parades as our rivers run green. It is a party in the streets. While the rest of America may be eating Corned Beef and Cabbage and raising a pint or three of Guinness, we will be dining on a less than traditional Irish-American fare.

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