Michigan and Motor City Pizza

Welcome to Michigan Day! Did you know that while Europeans began to explore Michigan as early as 1620, people have been living in the area since 11,000 BCE? France was the first foreigner government to claim Michigan. It was a part of Canada, known as New France. When New France was defeated in the French Indian Wars, it ceded the region to Britain in 1763.

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There’s More Than One Reason to Party

Today is the third Friday in May. On the National Front, this is a very busy day. We should ride our bikes to work today. Of course that would require we have a job, that the job isn’t in the next city or town, and that we own a bike. If this is a day you can get behind, more power to ya.

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Those Were the Days

Today is the first Saturday in September. Traditionally, it is National Tailgate Saturday. This year, what few sporting events that there are in American have banned spectators. No spectators means no pre-game parking lot extravaganzas. And even if tailgating were permitted, there are other problems that might not be so easy to overcome.

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