Dining in the Shadow of Yaquina Head Lighthouse

Today is National Lighthouse Day. Rather than share a collection of lighthouses like we did last year with our Oregon Coast Supper to Remember, I thought it might be fun to pick just one lighthouse. There are so many to pick from, all with interesting stories and rich histories.

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A Lighthouse Supper to Remember

Today is filled with National and International Days I need to acknowledge. There’s Purple Heart Day and Raspberries in Cream Day (oh yum). It’s also the first Friday in August, which gives us International Beer Day and that goes well with National Water Balloon Day. Think about it – a warm summer’s day, a few beers too many and water balloons – a deadly combination!

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Summertime Birthday Fiesta Bursting with Mexican Heat

For those of you that have been following along for a while, you already know Hubby’s all-time favorite cuisine is Mexican. He loves just about anything south of the border. For Hubby’s birthday a few years back, I wanted to transport him to Cozumel where he could sip Patron Margaritas and sample the local flavors.

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Celebrating with Passion A Palm Sunday Feast

Why a big feast for Palm Sunday? If your family is like mine, you’re going to have a big gathering Easter Sunday. My youngest sister is the host of the big Easter event this year. I wanted to get Easter Week off to a great start by celebrating the Passion of the Season. And by Passion, I’m not talking about the negative aspects, but rather a celebration of great love and great joy. Hosanna in the Highest.

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