Summertime Birthday Fiesta Bursting with Mexican Heat

For those of you that have been following along for a while, you already know Hubby’s all-time favorite cuisine is Mexican. He loves just about anything south of the border. For Hubby’s birthday a few years back, I wanted to transport him to Cozumel where he could sip Patron Margaritas and sample the local flavors.

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Creating Your Own Fiesta Feast!

As we say farewell to April Showers and turn our attention to May Flowers; the first of the May “Feast” days is just beyond the horizon. Cinco de Mayo –  the 5th of May. Some people think this date equates to America’s 4th of July. While I knew it wasn’t Mexico’s Independence Day, I did not know the real history of the date. How is it that so many people celebrate “holidays” without knowing the history or significance of the day? I know I’m guilty of celebrating Cinco de Mayo with a feast of tacos, Margaritas and a host of other things without knowing why. Living in California, a state that once belonged to Mexico, with a large Mexican population, you would think I might have some idea of the history. This was an error I intended to correct . . .

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