Sacred Heart Feast Day

It has been 19 days since Pentecost Sunday. For those keeping track, it’s the feast of our Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. And just for the record, one of the things I love about the Catholic Faith are all the special days.

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Irish Roasted Salmon

One fine day a few years back, Saint Patrick’s Day fell on a Friday. While the Church has grated special dispensation for Irish Catholics during Lent so as to indulge in Corned Beef, I had decided to hold true to the abstinence of Church tradition.

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Filetti di Salmone Pacchi with Provence Mixed Green Salad

First off, this recipe came to me about four years ago from That Skinny Chick Can Bake; who adapted it from her friend over at Manu’s Menu. So I wanted to give credit where credit is due and thank you both for the superb inspiration. As always, I did a little tweaking of my own, and I hope you do the same. The original recipe was part of Manu’s Italian Christmas Menu. I mention this with good reason . . .

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