Down the Mississippi

Often when we think South – as in Deep South, Mississippi is one of the first places that springs to mind. Mississippi was the 20th state to join the union, and the 2nd to secede. More than 80,000 Mississippians fought in the Civil War. They did not fight on the side of the Union. Yet the first Memorial Day took place in Mississippi to lay flowers on the graves of those who died on both sides.

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One-Skillet Vegetable Chicken Sass

Do you enjoy trying out new recipes? Me, too. Now that my laptop has returned from the dead, I have a ton of recipes I had saved for later that I get to try. This spicy vegetable packed chicken supper is just one of many new dishes I was eager to try.

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Smoking Hot One-Skillet Supper

I am a big fan of the original NCIS series with Mark Harmon. Yet for whatever reason; we hadn’t really gotten into the two spin-off shows – NCIS Los Angeles and NCIS New Orleans. Strange, because I like Scott Bakula.

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Bayou Country Cajun Crab and Corn Casserole

Bayou is a French-English word for a body of water found in low-lying areas that creeps along its undefined shorelines. It’s a bog, a swamp, a marshy-green thing. The color isn’t necessarily in the water but rather in the reflections. It’s sticky and smelly and bug-infested. It’s also filled with amazing beauty.

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