Hot Sauce Chicken with Spicy Gravy

Today is National Hot Chicken Day. I gotta tell you, this was not the original recipe chosen for today. I had wanted to share a recipe for Chicken-Fried-Chicken with a Creamy White Gravy. So why the change? Buttermilk isn’t something I keep in the fridge, it’s something I buy only when a recipe calls for it. And I didn’t have any at home. The thought of braving a trip to the market for one recipe just wasn’t cutting it.

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Italian Breaded Chicken Breast

This is one of those yummy Italian dishes that screams side of Spaghetti in a Marinara Sauce if you please! And don’t skimp on the green vegetables – maybe steamed broccoli or Asparagus kissed with Italian herbs. The menu practically writes itself. I love simple dishes that commands attention without screaming for it, know what I mean? This chicken is perfect for a family sit-down supper. A couple of plump breasts go a long way. Yeah, I like this dish. What about you?

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