Chicken Florentine Rigatoni

Growing up, when my sisters and I were teenagers, Dad felt it was time to get us more involved in the family meal. For as long as I can remember, everyone helped. Helping was just a part of everyday family life. Helping lets children feel a sense of self-worth within the family dynamics.

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Chicken Florentine Crêpes

I have been wanting to try my hand at Chicken Florentine Crêpes for a while now – ever since I first tasted them at The Crêpe Escape a few years back. Truth be told, I am a sucker when it comes to Crêpes. I adore them – stuffed with savory ingredients, or as a dessert treat. Kiddo and I have been known to scarf down a few freshly prepared Crêpes with nothing more than sweet butter and a dusting of powdered sugar. Our love affair with Crêpes stems from our days of traveling abroad. Oh how the French have mastered Crêpes and Croissant!

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