Instant Pot Taco Pork Chops

In our house, Tuesdays are Tijuana Night – anything with a Mexican influence goes. So recently I decided to get a little creative with my Instant Pot. I’ll be honest, didn’t have a clue as to how these chops would fair. One word – delicious!

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Sizzling Ancho Cornbread Stuffed Pork Chops

One beautiful Saturday afternoon, while strolling down the meat section of my local market, I saw the most awesome thick cut pork chops I had ever seen. These babies had to be nearly 2 inches thick, with a nicely trimmed fat edge on one side and a bone on the other. There were three of these beautiful chops in a package, market for “special” pricing. I can only surmise that a customer had ordered the extra-thick pork chops and then for whatever reason, decided against the purchase after the meat was cut.

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Mexican Pork Chops with Ancho Chile Cornbread Stuffing

Sometimes I get on a kick – spending several nights “dining” in the same country before moving on to another part of the world. Lately, I seem to be fixating on Mexico. It began with the notion of Taco Tuesday a while back. But let’s face it, Tacos are such a small part of the culinary delights of a country that is as diverse as Mexico. It would be like saying America is all about hamburgers and hot dogs. I’ve expanded the Taco Tuesday thing to be Mexican Tuesday.

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