Cowboy Way and Smoked Beef Supper

Today is the 4th Saturday in July. That means today is The National Day of the Cowboy. While there are several National Days celebrated on July 23, the National Day of the Cowboy is one of those moving dates celebrated on a particular Saturday in July.

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Cowboys and Tequila

Wow – today is one very busy National Stuff Day. We’ve got Drive-Thru Day, Cousins Day, Amelia Earhart Day, Cowboy Day, Thermal Engineer Day and my personal favorite – Tequila Day. Now up until a couple of weeks ago, we could have easily combined Drive-Thru and Tequila Day. During the stay-at-home orders you could get food to go from your favorite Mexican Restaurant that included bar service. Yeah, crazy.

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Get Along Little Doggie

Today is one of those National Days that was just packed with inspiration. Right out of the gate, there were three very different styles to celebrate. Picking just one was impossible, so why even try?

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