Cowboy Way and Smoked Beef Supper

Today is the 4th Saturday in July. That means today is The National Day of the Cowboy. While there are several National Days celebrated on July 23, the National Day of the Cowboy is one of those moving dates celebrated on a particular Saturday in July.

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Flame Seared Tri-Tip Goodness

Say what you want to about living in California, there are a few advantages. Being a conservative in a state controlled by liberals isn’t one of them. Loving a good barbecue on the other hand is. Californians, especially those in the central valley, can barbecue almost all year.

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Barbecued Tri-Tip Florentine Style

Hubby introduced me to the whole grilling up a Tri-Tip thing. Strange when you think about it because beautiful Santa Maria, California and not a small town in Wisconsin put Tri-Tip on the map in the first place. Or so it seems, depending upon which foodie folklore you subscribe to. Santa Maria, Oakland, Long Beach or Palm Springs. All these places claim to have put the grilled Tri-Tip on the culinary tongues of those who love barbecue. What do these places have in common? The golden state of California!

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