Celebrate the Layers of Nevada

When most people think of Nevada, they think desert or gambling halls or cheap all-you-can-eat buffets. Some do think more along the higher end of entertainment with the mega casinos and their five-star extravaganzas. Even then, most of Nevada is missed.

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Holy Monday of Holy Week

The Events of Holy Monday
On the way back into the city from Bethany, where Jesus and the twelve spent the night, Jesus became hungry. Seeing a fig tree with no fruit on it, though it was full of leaves and thus should have been full of fruit, Jesus spoke a curse on the tree. Jesus went to the temple on Monday and confronted those making a profit off of the people coming to worship there.

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Nevada’s Awful Big Day

Today is National Nevada Day. Nevada, the Battle Born State, was grated statehood during the Civil War. The only other state to join during the war was West Virginia. Although today is National Nevada Day, Nevada actually joined the union on October 31, 1864.

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