Gotta Go Big or Go Home

I know what you must be thinking – another Burger Recipe? Really? Hey, it’s not my fault that Double Cheeseburger Day and Cheeseburger Day happen to be days apart. And as for the Guacamole thing, that was just a good excuse for another burger.

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Nevada’s Awful Big Day

Today is National Nevada Day. Nevada, the Battle Born State, was grated statehood during the Civil War. The only other state to join during the war was West Virginia. Although today is National Nevada Day, Nevada actually joined the union on October 31, 1864.

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Double Western Bacon Burger

There once was a time when Hubby, Kiddo and I would have dinner out once a month, at a different Hamburger Joint. The goal? To find that perfect, gotta have it burger. Finding a good burger that doesn’t break the bank or come from a frozen cookie-cutter burger patty isn’t easy. Think about it – a family of three ordering from the grown-up menu can spend as much as Fifty dollars for a burger, fries and a drink. And just when you think you’ve found the ultimate Mom-And-Pop Burger Joint with rickety picnic tables and lights that flicker, a sign goes up to say “thanks for your loyal business and good-bye.” That’s sad on so many levels, especially when the hamburger stand has been a neighborhood favorite for thirty years or more. So many real burger joints are being forced out by cookie-cutter chains.

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