Is Garlic Cottage Pie a Pie?

Today is National Pie Day. Everyone is invited to bake their favorite pies. And what pie is typically number one? Apple of course.

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Not Another Taco Tuesday

Today is the first day of December. That means National Pie Day and Eat a Red Apple Day. It’s also Rosa Parks Day. Before we get into all the ins and outs of today, let’s just stop a moment to honor Rosa Parks. If ever there were an example of dignified courage, it is Rosa Parks.

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What’s For Dessert?

Today is National Pie Day. It’s also National Rhubarb Pie Day. As pies go, Rhubarb ranks right up there on my least favorite pie list, while for Hubby it’s one of his favorites. So hush, we won’t tell him he coulda had a slice of Rhubarb Pie today.

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