Down On the Ranch Supper

In 1954 at a dude ranch outside Santa Barbara, California Ranch Dressing was born. By 1992, Ranch Dressing outsold all other dressings, including Italian. Yet if you aren’t from America or Canada, Ranch Dressing just might be unknown to you.

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Welcome to the Flavors of Hidden Valley

Today is National Ranch Dressing Day. Just what is Ranch Dressing? That’s a fair question for those outside the United States and Canada. While we love it and know it well, beyond the northern half of North America, Ranch Dressing is almost unknown. At it’s core, Ranch Dressing is a buttermilk based salad dressing.

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Slow-Cooker Spicy Ranch Chicken Soup

Obviously, today is Tuesday. At least it’s Tuesday when I’m posting this recipe to share. It might not be Tuesday when you read this. Wow, is that clear as mud or what?

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