Grilled Grand Marnier Pepper Steak on a Bed of Tomatoes

There are a lot of good reasons to plant a garden, even if it’s just a hanging patio garden. Working the soil is good for you. Eating what you have grown brings satisfaction unlike any other. Every year I look forward to our tomato plants for three reasons – freshness, goodness and full flavor. If you cannot grow tomatoes, please find a good small farm. Tomatoes that are allowed to ripen naturally, that have not been bred for shipping have a flavor unlike any other.

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Mexican Pepper Steak – Taste the Sizzle!

My family adores spicy foods. Now that the colder weather is settling in for a long winter’s nap, it’s time to dust off some of those old family favorites. You know what I’m talking about – those dishes that warm you to your toes from the inside out.

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