Why Is This Night Different From All Other Nights?

This singular question in four parts has been asked by the youngest child present at the Passover Seder since the Passover observations began. The child is speaking for all children, seeking to know the history of the Jewish people and the importance of Passover. The adults take turns answering the questions, bringing the history of the Exodus and God’s saving grace to life.

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An Amazing Roast Chicken Sunday Supper

Can you believe it? Tomorrow is Halloween, and then we bid adieu to October. Time seems to be passing far too quickly.

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A Memorable Feast for Holy Thursday

Tradition has it that Holy Thursday was Christ’s Last Supper. It was the Passover Seder, rich in tradition, scripture and customs. While we can appreciate the observation, it does not belong to us. Passover belongs to the Jewish faith alone.

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A Very Special Sunday Family Supper

Easter is a moveable feast, tied to the Spring Equinox and the first full moon of spring. The earliest believers in the Church of Asia Minor wished to keep the observance of Easter tied to the Jewish Passover. After all, it was the observance of Passover that brought Christ and his followers to Jerusalem.

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Invite a Friend to Dine

Today is National Eat with a Friend Day. It comes around every year on November 25. This year it happens to coincide with Thanksgiving – how convenient! Not everyone has family nearby to celebrate our National Day of Thanks. And not everyone celebrates Thanksgiving for whatever reason.

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An Easter to Break Tradition

Last year, Easter was so difficult on so many levels. The world was a scary place. People were dying and the only answer seemed to be to isolate from one another. We’ll never know how many more might have died had the world not shut down.

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