A Very Special Sunday Family Supper

Easter is a moveable feast, tied to the Spring Equinox and the first full moon of spring. The earliest believers in the Church of Asia Minor wished to keep the observance of Easter tied to the Jewish Passover. After all, it was the observance of Passover that brought Christ and his followers to Jerusalem.

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Ho-Ho It’s Bittersweet Chocolate Day!

Sometimes it’s the little cheats that can add so much to the presentation of a dish. This beautiful Chocolate Mousse is just such an example of thinking a little out of the box.

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A New Year’s Eve Supper to Remember

Can you believe it? We are but 48-hours away from 2020. It sounds so futuristic. Yet I’m still waiting for my George Jetson flying car. Even without the flying car, 2020 is a big deal. I think the New Year should be rung in with as much style as possible. What about you?

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Mississippi Mousse Mud Pie – Oh My!

We have already established the fact that today is National Mississippi Day. Did you know it’s also National Mousse Day? While traditionally a Mississippi Mud Pie is made with pudding, isn’t Mousse just pudding on steroids? You get where I’m going here.

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