Ho-Ho It’s Bittersweet Chocolate Day!

Sometimes it’s the little cheats that can add so much to the presentation of a dish. This beautiful Chocolate Mousse is just such an example of thinking a little out of the box.

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A New Year’s Eve Supper to Remember

Can you believe it? We are but 48-hours away from 2020. It sounds so futuristic. Yet I’m still waiting for my George Jetson flying car. Even without the flying car, 2020 is a big deal. I think the New Year should be rung in with as much style as possible. What about you?

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Mississippi Mousse Mud Pie – Oh My!

We have already established the fact that today is National Mississippi Day. Did you know it’s also National Mousse Day? While traditionally a Mississippi Mud Pie is made with pudding, isn’t Mousse just pudding on steroids? You get where I’m going here.

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