Three-Cheese Tortellini in Sage Browned Butter

It seems that lately I’ve been in an Italy frame. This light yet delicious Tortellini Supper is the perfect end to a long work week. So light – so flavorful. It invites the diner to kick of their shoes, breath deep and say “oh yeah, it’s time to unwind”. I simply adore “browned butter” for that nutty flavor. There is something about browning the butter that brings a whole new level of flavor to everything.

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Simple Linguine with Garlic Butter

Most of the time, when cooking up something Italian that doesn’t already include a serving of pasta, this is my “go to” recipe. It is so simple and so tasty. This simple dish can be served as the Primo Piatto (pasta course) in a multi-course Italian Themed Supper. Better still, add some sautéed shrimp or pan-seared Scallops for a rockin’ seafood pasta. It is that versatile. At its most basic form, this pasta is great along side some Italian classics such as Chicken Marsala.

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Capelli d’angelo with Creamy Roasted Pepper Sauce

After a long day away from home, we all yearn for a supper that is easy to prepare, visually stimulating and satisfying to both our taste buds and hungry tummies. What could be easier than to boil a big pot of pasta, then toss all that delicate Angel Hair goodness in a rich, creamy sauce? I love this sauce, be it over pasta (today’s featured entrée) or chicken or better yet gently sautéed shrimp. If you like, this particular pasta dish could be elevated even further simply by adding a handful of sautéed garlic shrimp just before serving. Why only a handful?  The pasta in its rich, creamy pink sauce is the star of the evening.

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