Mexican Rice Cups

When you are serving up some great Mexican dishes, what do you serve as a side? In our house, I must confess, it’s the usual suspects – refried beans and rice. I know, not very original. Every Mexican joint serves refried beans and rice. Just because it’s not original doesn’t mean ordinary.

One of the things I love about rice or mashed potatoes as a side is the ability to shape the servings with bowls. While mashed potatoes can also be piped with a pastry bag into whatever design you like, rice is a little more limited. When I make Chinese Food with Steamed Sticky Rice, I almost always fill a small bowl with the rice and invert it onto our dinner plates. So why not do the same thing with Mexican Rice?

This dish uses Minute Rice, which is great because it takes less than 10 minutes to go from nothing to something. To make this more of a “Holiday” rice, you could even add some chopped tomatoes or red peppers along with the cilantro garnish. What fun!

Mexican Rice Cups (2)

Mexican Rice Cups
1-1/2 cups Chicken Stock
1 (10 oz) can Ro-Tel Fire-Roasted Tomatoes with Chile
Taco Seasoning to taste
1-1/2 cups Minute Rice
1/2 cup Mexican Cheese Blend
Sour Cream for garnish
Cilantro Leaves for garnish

In a large pot, bring chicken broth, tomatoes and taco seasoning to a boil. Stir rice into the pot, cover and remove from heat. Let the pot stand, covered, for 5 minutes.

Stir in cheese and mix well. Using a small bowl or cup, mold rice into individual servings. Invert bowl or cup on a platter to form attractive individual servings.

Just before serving garnish rice “cups” as desired.

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