Mexican Rice Cups

When you are serving up some great Mexican dishes, what do you serve as a side? In our house, I must confess, it’s the usual suspects – refried beans and rice. I know, not very original. Every Mexican joint serves refried beans and rice. Just because it’s not original doesn’t mean ordinary.

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Mexican Salsa Rice

A few years back, in honor of Cinco de Mayo and all things Mexican, I decided to cook up all sorts of yummy foods – a week of Mexican dishes leading up to the big event. This super quick, delicious rice was a part of that week-long celebration.

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Authentic Spicy Spanish Rice

This recipe didn’t come from a cookbook (that I know of) or a website out there somewhere. At least that’s not how it came to be in our house. The original recipe is handwritten on a piece of yellow paper, tucked away for safe keeping. It is, in my opinion, as authentic as it gets.

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