Mexican Rice Cups

When you are serving up some great Mexican dishes, what do you serve as a side? In our house, I must confess, it’s the usual suspects – refried beans and rice. I know, not very original. Every Mexican joint serves refried beans and rice. Just because it’s not original doesn’t mean ordinary.

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Beefy Spanish Skillet Nachos

Not that long ago, I was cruising through a collection of Pillsbury recipes on line. For the most part, Pillsbury recipes are basic, not too complicated, with ingredients that are easy to recognize. My guys really enjoy simple, down home eating. I came across a recipe for Skillet Nachos. It was an interesting spin on the usual nachos. As a Pillsbury recipe, it called for “brand” ingredients, a certain kind of canned tomato, a particular taco seasoning and so forth. While I am sure those are all fine ingredients, it’s not what I happen to have in my pantry. If I can avoid shopping for special, brand-name ingredients, I do so.

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Mexican Salsa Rice

A few years back, in honor of Cinco de Mayo and all things Mexican, I decided to cook up all sorts of yummy foods – a week of Mexican dishes leading up to the big event. This super quick, delicious rice was a part of that week-long celebration.

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