Mini Corn Dog Muffins are Big on Flavor

Are you a fan of corn dogs? I love them. Have you ever made corn dogs at home from scratch without a deep fryer? Mine have been less than I had hoped. The batter, although delicious, tended to slid off the dog. Scratch from-scratch corn dogs off my list.

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Spicy Pigs in a Blanket and Family Fun

Are you a part of a game-playing family? We love getting together with my youngest sister and her family to play games. Most of those gatherings revolve around the holidays, as most family gatherings do. Perhaps it was the whole ordeal of open heart surgery last year that has made me more determined to create memories beyond the holidays. My sister and I have resolved to get together one night each month, be it her home, the family farm or our home. We will have dinner together and play games.

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My Big Game Day Menu

While Hubby watched the two remaining play-off games, I began the rather difficult task of putting together this year’s actual Super Bowl Game Day menu. (Truth be told, I was hoping it would be Kansas City and New Orleans Saints in Atlanta. How easy is that? Barbecue and Cajun dishes with a southern spin! Didn’t happen, but that’s okay, too).

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Teriyaki Cocktail Smokies – What a Nice Surprise!

Last summer, my middle sister and her husband came for a visit. This is always cause to celebrate since they live in Eastern Central Oregon and we don’t see enough of them. The visit was a quick one – just a few days of visiting, playing games, swimming and most of all great family time.

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