Happy Birthday Boo Bear

On the National Food Front, today is Hot Chocolate Day. Perfect for the last day in January. Maybe next year, I’ll share a recipe more in keeping with the National Day.

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Incorporating the Old with a New Pork Lumpia

Throughout this pandemic lock down, we’ve played cards and board games. We’ve taken walks through our neighborhood and puttered in the garden. We’ve even taken to walking up to the market mid-week if we need something rather than drive up. That was all fine and dandy; but Hubby and I decided to spend time making foods that freeze well such as Tamales and Lumpia.

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Filipino Egg Rolls – Lumpia

Lumpia are Filipino Egg Rolls, only better. Hubby, Kiddo and I try to make this a few times a year. Although Lumpia is not overly complicated to make, it is very time-consuming. To roll 120 Lumpias, it took the three of us the better part of four hours. Is it worth all that effort? You better believe it! While Lumpia takes about a day to make, another 24 hours to freeze, they only take a few minutes to fry up and enjoy. Lumpia is not something you make in the morning and scarf down on that night.

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