Filipino Egg Rolls – Lumpia

Lumpia are Filipino Egg Rolls, only better. Hubby, Kiddo and I try to make this a few times a year. Although Lumpia is not overly complicated to make, it is very time-consuming. To roll 120 Lumpias, it took the three of us the better part of four hours. Is it worth all that effort? You better believe it! While Lumpia takes about a day to make, another 24 hours to freeze, they only take a few minutes to fry up and enjoy. Lumpia is not something you make in the morning and scarf down on that night.

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Romance and Maria Luisa’s Leche Flan

Did you know that May is National Asian-American and Pacific Islander month? Me either! In light of this revelation, I wanted to start the month off with something special to honor my Filipino-Spanish mother.

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Picadillo – Filipino-American Style

1950s-cover-3My love for cooking came from my parents. They knew their way around the kitchen, and Mom loved to entertain. Our home was always filled with people – extended family, neighbors, friends. Ours was the house with the door open to everyone and plenty of good food to share. Many of the recipes I like to share come from those warm memories.

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