Beautiful Colorado – It’s Your Day

Today is National Colorado Day. Colorado is an amazing place with a history rich in dinosaurs, Native American peoples, Spanish Explorers, frontiersmen and settlers moving west. It’s history, like all of mankind’s history, has peaks and valleys, moments of greatness and deep darkness.

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Holy Tuesday’s Spicy Colorado Feast

On Holy Tuesday, as the twelve followed Jesus past the same fig tree from the day before, Peter was struck by what he saw. The tree was completely withered. Christ saw this as an opportunity to teach.

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Nil Sine Numine

Colorado’s state motto is Latin. What does it mean? It depends upon who you ask. Most say Nothing Without Providence, while others claim Nothing Without God. There is evidence that those who chose the motto meant Nothing Without the Deity, a general translation without a reference to a particular god. Now that could be a reference to Colorado’s Garden of the Gods with its beauty beyond compare.

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Celebrating Colorado Day

It’s that day again, National Colorado Day. Comes around every year on April 12. This year it just happens to take a back seat to Easter. Still, I did not want to overlook the 38th state of the Union.

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Spicy Hot Beef Chile Colorado

Did you know that in addition to being a whole slue of National This and That Day, today is also National Colorado Day? I think it’s great for every state in the union to have their own “National” Day. It would be a great teaching tool. When Kiddo was a wee kid, he was both home-schooled and publicly schooled. I believe that every day presents an opportunity to educate our children.

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