Nacho Cheese Grilled Chorizo Burritos

A few days after we had enjoyed our very messy Quesadilla Burgers, I stood in the kitchen and wondered what to make for lunch. There are a few stables in our house that are always on hand. Flour Tortillas in a variety of sizes, Nacho Cheese Dip and good Mexican Chorizo.

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Awesome Spicy Spread Chorizo-Bean Burritos

I love Chorizo. I love it with scrambled eggs, in rice dishes, as a filler for everything from Omelettes to Tacos. Chorizo-filled burritos are the absolute best! Grilled Spicy Chorizo-Bean Burrito Supreme and Grilled Beef and Chorizo Spicy Burritos are two of our favorite.

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Spicy Grilled Beef and Chorizo Burritos

A popular Mexican favorite outside of Mexico is the burrito, a tortilla wrapped entrée that is  is both delicious and convenient. It’s a meal you can hold in your hand. There is a lot of folklore surrounding the origins of the Burrito and like most “peasant” food, its history is unclear.

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